Matthew Marc Baum

Actor/Singer/Stage Combatant

Matthew Marc Baum

is an actor known for his exceptional performances in regional theaters throughout the state of New York. He has also worked on a number of on-screen productions, as well as in the immersive performing arts as a part of the annual Sterling Renaissance Festival.

Baum is a graduate of SUNY Fredonia, where he earned his BFA in Acting. He is wildly passionate about his craft and continues to grow and learn with each new opportunity.

Matthew Marc Baum outside the box

Aside from acting, Matthew Marc Baum has performed as a vocalist at the Great New York State Fair, the Oz-Stravaganza festival, and has recorded original songs with Broadway composer Steve Margoshes.

Stage Combat

Matthew has participated in a number of Skills Proficiency Tests, having earned the title of Intermediate Actor-Combatant from the Society of American Fight Directors for the following weapons:

  • Unarmed

  • Knife*

  • Quarterstaff*

  • Single Sword*

  • Rapier & Dagger*

  • Broadsword*

(* signifies a Recommended Pass)

Upcoming Performances

Baum recently moved to New York City to further pursue acting opportunities and to get lost in the NYC Metro system. You can see him at the AMT Theater's New Work Development Program showcase on April 9th, 2024 at 7PM, accompanying playwright Sarah Zweighaft in their off-Broadway debut!


Matthew Marc Baum is available for both stage and screen productions, as well as voice overs, commercials, and other bold theatrical ventures.

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